Freedom Fair

Board Members & Staff

Tony LaStella, CEO and President
Tony La Stella is the Founder and Managing Director of La Stella Foundation, a 501(c)(3) and Washington State Charity since 1990.  Over the last 30 years, La Stella Foundation has benefited upwards of 150 Non-Profit Organizations in the Northwest supporting veterans, children, animals and other worthy causes.  Tony has an extensive background in Tax Law, Estate Planning, Business Management, Development and Venture Capitalization, Marketing, and Production.  His company C&A provides business consulting for Non-Profits and small businesses.  An active member of The Rainier Club, Tony also serves as an Advisory Board Member of  Music Aid Northwest.  Since 2011 Tony has produced the Veteran Park “Camp Patriot” within the Tacoma Freedom Fair for the benefit of Veterans and Active Duty Military.  He is currently President & CEO of the Tacoma Events Commission which produces the annual Freedom Fair, the third largest July 4th Events in the USA with annual attendance of 125,000.   He is a Major Shareholder and Co-Host of  West Coast Italian Radio, Inc.  An accomplished entertainer, Tony does 200 shows a year with appearances in Night Clubs, Concerts, Television, Motion Pictures, Broadway Musicals & Opera throughout North America, South America, and Europe…and has over 100 recordings to his credit.   Through his performances and production work Tony raises over $250,000 annually for charity.

Dave Maestas, Vice President & Technical Director, Marketing
Dave Maestas is the CEO of Discover Maestro, a marketing agency.  He is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces “Green Beret” and Airborne Ranger having reached one of the highest ranks and leading his own Special Forces Teams in Afghanistan & Iraq.  His focus was on mentoring foreign leaders on governance, security and development and now uses those skill to enhance business development across America.  Since retiring he is a serial entrepreneur with interests in the West Coast Italian Radio network and other businesses.  He has successfully co-produced Camp Patriot and many other events in the Puget Sound.  David has served the Puget Sound community with the TEC as a board member since 2016. Finally, he works diligently as Director of Puget Sound Veteran and advises Veteran businesses other non-profits in the area.  David can be reached at 360-545-3874. VIEW ON LINKEDIN

Jeff Brennan is the Treasurer and CFO. 

Serves as Board Secretary.

Executive Adminstrator.

Dan Mazzuca, Logistics Director – Board Member at Large

No organization of this magnitude is complete without an amazing logistics and resource office.  Dan’s efforts have ensured the success of large scale events managing the logistics of events with over 100,000 people in attendance. 

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