Our Vision

Our vision is to host a World Class Destination Event that is dedicated to the unequivocal celebration of life, patriotism, community and national pride through providing top entertainment, outstanding air and car shows, incredible food, and welcoming hospitality.

Our Story

The Freedom Fair and Air Show is an amazing destination event, with over 70,000 attendees, approaching its 40th year. The Tacoma-based event is held in one of the largest port cities in the United States. The annual festival rewards businesses with revenue, stimulates tourism, honors the military, and shines a positive national spotlight on our partners, vendors and the city as a destination.

With over 125,000 attendees and rave reviews, the Freedom Fair and Air Show has been recognized by Discovery.com and the Travel Channel as one of the world’s Top 10 fireworks displays. USA Today, CNN, the News Tribune and the Wall Street Journal has followed suit by acknowledging the affair as a “Best Event”. The legacy created by the event reaches beyond the benefits of generating revenue to the core identity of our Partners resulting in high media visibility, generating excitement and building a sense of affiliation for those involved.

The Freedom Fair offers a plethora of activities including an amazing fireworks display, an incredible airshow, Camp Patriot dedicated to our military, multiple cars and hot rod show, a vast children’s area, a beach pole vault competition, and an international food market-place.

Seven stages make for a music lovers paradise that include a variety of genres such as classic rock, jazz, blues, swing, country western, salsa, rhythm and blues, zydeco, reggae, pop, gospel, drum circle and even a youth stage. The vast range of music and activity provides the opportunity to promote the area to cross-cultural, multi-generational and geographically diverse audiences.